Management Development

Create depth on the managerial bench

The Primary Constraint to real, sustainable growth, is Management.  Company ambitions and strategies can easily outpace the capability of Management. Senior Management can typically visualize and execute the strategies. Middle Management and Supervisors typically bear the brunt of changing processes along with rapid growth. The first wave of a strategy typically yields results, subsequent ambitions are limited by the capability of middle Management and Supervisors capacity and capability.

Removing the large obstacles and initiating major strategies exposes multiple small improvement opportunities. These become distracting to Middle Management and Supervisors, as they become aware of the multiple issues that require improvement. As operational flow starts to increase, the impact of minor problems are amplified. Knowing where to focus can be overwhelming, due to the many issues once disguised, are now suddenly visible.

The best Managers are Team Coaches. Developing people, creating depth on the Managerial bench and developing the next generation of Management is an imperative for the stability and sustainability of company performance and growth.

Reward system with Short Term Metrics

"Show me how you measure me, and I will show you how I behave." Dr Eli Goldratt.

A secondary effect is the reward system which often focuses on short-term performance. Employees tend to focus on the day-to-day operations in order to achieve the bonus metrics. This dilutes the efforts of major process improvement initiatives, which have a longer term outlook on growth, rather than a short-term reward.

Provide Management with the Tools and skills to succeed

Achieving internal and external Collaboration is an organizations most effective strategic advantage.  Most individuals honestly claim to be part of the solution rather than part of a problem.  Intentions are good, but somehow still end up in conflict.  Compromise is temporary, delaying the inevitable is not a sustainable solution.  Conflict is always at the threshold of a breakthrough - avoiding conflict is to avoid an opportunity for breakthrough and progress.  Promote rapid resolution of problems and conflicts encountered in normal daily activities to ensure effective delegation and communication between employees and team members. In order to ensure sustainable growth, stability and security, provide your Management and Supervisors with the Tools and Skills to succeed!

  • Collaboration Skills - Inter-departmental and Team Coaching Skills to improve internal and external collaboration. 
  • Communication Skills - When in a conflict, we tend to raise our voices and repeat our point of view. More words don't make a better argument. The right answers require the right questions - Learn how to question!  
  • Buy-In Steps - Learn the 8 steps to achieve internal and external Buy-in. Learn how to identify the Obstacles blocking you from achieving your Goal. Why do the Obstacles exist? Challenge the Assumptions and recalibrate the root cause to identify the direction of a solution to overcome the Obstacles. Define the Value and the Risks and develop an Execution/Implementation Plan.
  • Correct misaligned interdepartmental Standard Operating Procedures and develop new SOP's.
  • Personal Fear - Face the Truth - How will this affect me?  I may be taking on more than I can chew!  Learn how to deal with unverbalized resistance and unexpressed personal apprehension when taking on a new role or workload.

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