Critical Chain Project Management

Why the Critical Chain approach to Project Management?  Simply because the current methods are not working! Project Teams are expected to complete Projects before or on the committed due date, within budget and without compromise to the original specification. History shows a pattern of project underperformance, with most projects not meeting one or more of these expectations. Many external factors are blamed for this under performance; however the Project Management method is not questioned.

Change Management

What discourages some, is exactly what motivates Leaders.  Initiating and communicating Change requires Leadership.  An organization, department or individual is typically in one of 3 states of mind:  Ambitious, Complacent or In Crisis!   Does your Organization have the will to commit?  Achieving internal and external collaboration is an organizations most effective strategic advantage.

Corporate Strategy

Executive Teams and Companies all have a Corporate Strategy. A Strategy is only as effective as the successful Execution of this Strategy, otherwise it will remain just another Strategy! Many Executives and Managers are disappointed with the rate of progress and results. Achieve significant progress in a very short time by using an experienced Strategic Facilitator for your Strategy Meetings and Corporate Retreats. We have well designed and proven facilitation methods to achieve results.

Sales and Marketing - Decisive Competitive Edge

There is nothing more important externally to the Company than Sales. Sales are the engine leading company growth, pulling the company into the future. Teams learn and apply specialized critical thinking skills to analyze, develop and customize a Decisive Competitive Edge for your Company. Build a Decisive Competitive Edge and the capabilities to capitalize on it, for large enough markets without exhausting the Company's resources and without taking real risks. The Decisive Competitive Edge will form the basis of the Unrefuseable Market Offers (Mafia Offers).

TOC Thinking Process - Market Segmentation

Adding new products and/or features requires investment with an uncertain reward, while lowering prices only deteriorates into a price war.  The solution is to construct an Unrefuseable Market Offer or "Mafia Offer" for new and existing markets. Learn how to apply critical thinking skills and analysis to selected market segments. Your Executives, Management or Sales Teams will acquire the ability to develop and customize a Decisive Competitive Edge, resulting in unique Sales Offers to your Customers. 

TOC Thinking Process

Internal Company analysis: Analyze subjects that have plagued the Company for years - subjects that have no apparent solution.  Discover the Root Cause hampering progress within your company.  When resolved, learn how to communicate effectively to motivate and mobilize participation to ensure the collaboration of all departments and across functions during Execution of the unique solution.

Management Development and Training

The Primary Constraint to real, sustainable growth is Management.  Company ambitions and strategies can easily outpace the capability of Management. Senior Management can typically visualize and execute the strategies. Middle Management and Supervisors typically bear the brunt of changing processes along with rapid growth. The best Managers are Team Coaches. Developing people, creating depth on the Managerial bench and developing the next generation of Management is an imperative for the stability and sustainability of company performance and growth.

Production Scheduling

Productivity is the currency of Strategy - direct your company’s energy and talents toward creating new opportunities while eliminating wasted time and resolving reoccurring problems. Unreliable Due Date Performance; RM, WIP, FG Inventory too high; Longer than desired Lead Times; Frequent schedule changes? Identify and systematically remove the operational Constraints. Even in well-run operations there is significant room for improvement. A 40% increase in freed capacity is not unusual – by breaking internal dependency, correctly recognizing and managing constraints and bottlenecks, stabilizing schedules and correctly sizing batches.

Supply Chain Logistics

Sales and Sales growth are driven by customer needs – the more significant the customer need, the greater the opportunity to capture market share. When customers experience poor on-time delivery, receive incomplete orders and have few alternative suppliers, then finding a Reliable Supplier is the customer’s significant need. Rapid Response, Guaranteed Reliability and Guaranteed Availability are attributes customers place ahead of lower price or additional technical features. Guaranteed on-time delivery and/or rapid response to customer needs mandates the synchronization of all supply chain participants - Manufacturing, Production and Assembly, Distribution and even Retail. Receive significant value when increasing the agility of the Supply Chain within a short period.