Change Management

Collaboration - the greatest business strategy

What discourages some, is exactly what motivates Leaders.  Initiating and communicating Change requires Leadership.  An organization, department or individual is typically in one of 3 states of mind:  Ambitious, Complacent or In Crisis!   Does your Organization have the will to commit?  Achieving internal and external collaboration is an organizations most effective strategic advantage.   

Communication - How to initiate Change

The current trend determines the need for Change and answers the question, "Why Change at all?".  

  • Why Change?  The Current Environment.
  • What to Change?  Recognizing an underlying Dilemma.
  • What to Change to?  Constructing the Solution.
  • How to Cause the Change?  Execution. 
  • How to Sustain the Change?  The Process of Ongoing Improvement.

Identify and Manage the Value and Risks associated with Change

Humans are contrarians by nature:  Provide humans with a solution - they will list the reasons why this solution will not work!  Give humans a problem - they have a list of unsolicited advice!  Not everyone is thrilled with the prospect of change.  Often the strongest resistance to change is experienced internally.
Identify and manage the Value and Risks (predicted negative outcomes and emotional obstacles) in order to gain internal collaboration from colleagues as they invest their reputation and careers.

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