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John Thompson is the owner of Global Focus LLC, a business consultancy and co-owner and founder of Exepron, the cloud-based Critical Chain Project Management software solution.  Global Focus LLC specializes in positioning Organizations for sustainable growth and business turn-around, including Project Management, Change Management, Supply Chain Distribution, Finance and Measurement, Sales and Marketing, Management Training, Production, Strategy and the TOC Thinking Process.  

John and the Global Focus Team have led numerous Companies through Facilitated Analysis and hands-on Implementations in many diverse Industries. Training and Implementations have been conducted on a global basis, including the USA, Southern Africa, Ukraine, England and China.  This has led to successful implementations in the Aerospace, Electronic Stock Trading, Auto Collision Repair, Landscape Architecture, Forest Technology, Retail Apparel Distribution, Medical Instrumentation, Composite Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Steel and Heavy Steel Fabrication Industries, among others.

John was a Certified Associate of the late Dr. Eli Goldratt, implementing and teaching all of the TOC application courses – Production, Distribution, Critical Chain Project Management, the Thinking Process (Jonah Program) and TOC Management Skills. John is a founding member and past Chairman of the TOCICO, the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization.

John is TOCICO certified in all TOC applications:  Operations, Project Management, Supply Chain Distribution, Finance and Measurement, Strategy and the TOC Thinking Process.