Sales and Marketing

Create a Decisive Competitive Edge

There is nothing more important externally to the Company than Sales.  Sales are the engine leading Company growth -pulling the Company into the future. Teams learn and apply specialized critical thinking skills to analyze, develop and customize a Decisive Competitive Edge for your Company.  Know the customer's deep needs better than the customer understands their own needs. Build a Decisive Competitive Edge and the capabilities to capitalize on it, for large enough markets without exhausting the Company's resources and without taking real risks. The Decisive Competitive Edge will form the basis of the Unrefuseable Market Offers (Mafia Offers).

Communicate Value to your Customers

The voice of the customer is frequently misleading.  It is possible to train individuals and employees to discern only the relevant facts that expose true customer needs.  Focus on selling Value to the point where any discussion on price is reduced to an insignificant part of the conversation.  Sales Teams learn how to create and communicate value-based Sales Offers tailored to chosen market segments.

Sales Training - Identify Dealmakers, transfer the Sales knowledge

The real Dealmakers are those individuals who consistently outperform the average Sales person.  They are able to understand an communicate the intrinsic value of the company offering to customers. During the analysis, the experience and skills of the Dealmakers is captured and transferred to the rest of the Sales Team. Once a customized Sales Process is developed and the Market Offers are proven, the average Sales Team members are equipped to perform as well as the Dealmakers.

Manage the Sales Pipeline

Focus and refocus on the most lucrative market opportunities - select a large market, with a significant unresolved problem, where the Company has the best access.  Focus Sales Team efforts on the best opportunities.  Restricting the number of opportunities increases closure rates and significantly increases Sales. This may seem counter intuitive, however consider how many great opportunities are lost due to unfocused or lack of Sales Team attention.

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