Theory Of Constraints - Thinking Process

develop breakthrough strategies and solutions

Executives, Managers and key personnel learn the critical thinking skills by applying the Theory of Constraints Thinking Process.  Use the Thinking Process to develop a breakthrough company strategy or finalize an existing Strategy through Analysis, construction of a Solution and developing an Implementation Plan.  Analyze subjects that have plagued the Company for years - subjects that have no apparent solution.  Discover the Root Cause hampering progress within your company.  When resolved, learn how to communicate effectively to motivate and mobilize participation to ensure the collaboration of all departments and across functions during execution of the unique solution.

Executives, Managers And Key Personnel

Develop significant insight and intuition by learning and applying rules for rigorous Cause and Effect relationships to identify and capitalize on missed opportunities or overcoming stagnation. Hidden Assumptions are challenged, unique solutions are constructed and implementation plans are developed by surfacing and overcoming the Obstacles to implementation. 

The Thinking Process becomes part of an Executives tool set for strategic purposes, planning and execution of initiatives as well as daily activities such as resolving conflicts, promoting group collaboration and the evaluation of new ideas.

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Thinking Process - Market Segmentation

Competition has increased significantly; the traditional Company response has been to develop new products, new features and/or lowering prices.  Adding new products and/or features requires investment with an uncertain reward, while lowering prices only deteriorates into a price war.  The solution is to construct an Unrefuseable Offer or "Mafia Offer" for new and existing markets, an offer customers cannot refuse. How is this accomplished? By learning and applying specialized critical thinking skills and analysis, your Sales Team will acquire the ability to develop and customize a Decisive Competitive Edge, resulting in unique Sales Offers to your Clients. Your Sales Team will be able to communicate a Unique Offer with a high perception of value, understood and appreciated by your clients.

Attend a Market Segmentation Thinking Process Workshop, where under facilitation your Sales Team will:

  • Evaluate and select the most lucrative market segments and customers.
  • Conduct an analysis to understand the customer, better than they know themselves.
  • Construct Unrefusable value based Mafia Offers for the selected market segments.
  • Prepare the Sales approach and communication media for each Unrefusable Offer / Mafia Offer.
  • Identify any internal misalignment or blockage to delivering the Maffia Offers.
  • Communicate the Value to the Company to initiate internal support and
  • Communicate the Value to the chosen Clients to increase Company Sales.
  • Effectively convert Sales personnel into “Deal Makers” rather than “Order Takers”.
  • Learn how to target select market segments and roll these out as a Sales Program to the most valuable market segments.
  • Value based Sales: eliminate the need for discounts.
  • Remove Undesireable Effects:  Selling to Managers and Supervisors.

Thinking Process and Thinking Process Market Segmentation Training 

If you would like to schedule a dedicated Thinking Process Market Segmentation Training Workshop or a Thinking Process Workshop, please contact Global Focus for additional information.